Pacopatch installers in Cardiff and South Wales

Cardiff Asphalt are a licensed supplier of Pacopatch gully and manhole reinstatement technology. Contact Cardiff Asphalt today to discuss a quote, operating in South Wales, South West England and throughout the UK.

What is Pacopatch?

Pacopatch is a system for the reinstatement of the road or pavement surface surrounding manholes and gullies. Pacopatch is polymer based and contains bitumen making it a highly durable replacement for failing surfaces around iron works in roads and pavements.
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Benefits of Pacopatch

  • 5 year material warranty.
  • Requires no compaction and can be trafficked within an hour of completion.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Delivered in a palletised format providing the user with a 24/7 availability all year round.
  • Single application which produces a permanent reinstatement 
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For Pacopatch manhole reinstatement technology, contact Cardiff Asphalt on
02922 414 835

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